The Art of Building Your Brand through Web Design

A brand in the most common sense is just a symbol; the symbol that represents something significant.  In terms of company branding, this symbol represents the characteristic, experience, integrity and professionalism of the association.  This can be done by using a consistent logo, phrase, and image and sound on a variety of platforms that people interact with.  Branding is an integral part of your business growth online.  They can capture the interest of the consumers and keep their loyalty intact.  However, it is a complicated process that is executed in various types of media from the logo design, store decoration, print, and TV advertisement.  This process can also be executed with your web design.

Elements of Brand Building

Brand building highly matters on companies for several reasons.  If you are building your website, these elements on your web design will make you stand out from the competition.


Picking the ideal colour palette is crucial in brand building.  If you think that it is just for aesthetic appeal, then you are mistaken.  Colour has the power to trigger various sensations and emotions that allows them to associate it to characteristic and things.  For instance, red has the capacity to boost respiration and increase the pulse rate; it is often associated with excitement passion, power and energy which are why it is a common colour utilised in the entertainment web design such as iflix.  Shades of green symbolise health, money, profit, environment and nature.


Infusing your web design with a personality and characteristic can help you convey the things that your company stands for.  If your company is about safety, stability, security or reliability, character can help you define your branding.  Find a character that your target audience can associate with.  You may use anthropomorphic elements such as the blue bird of Twitter.  Blue bird may appear differently, but you can still easily associate them to Twitter.


Emotion would be another essential element that you can use on your web design.  The element of your website should not be limited to the aesthetic element but also on the emotion that you want to convey.  Analyse the design of the Studio 7 and how they utilise vivid and glowing shade to make their brand exciting and overflowing with emotion.


Consistency has an important role when you want to improve business with your website.  Consistency will be contingent upon your choices on the elements mentioned above.  This will guarantee that your website will evoke uniformity.

Finally, you also have to consider the size and the placement of the logo on your web design.  The upper-left space of your website will be the conventional position of the logo.  Make sure that it will be big enough that it will be the first thing that your visitors will notice when they are directed to your website.

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Networking is it right for me?

Networking, the best friend of any business, big/small/medium, we all need to do it… but which one is best for you?

We’ve all hear of BNI, the ‘figurative’ marmite of the business networking world, let’s start by speaking the truth… The rules are a killer, and you can get kicked out, in fact you don’t necessary get an automatic entry if you want to join! This is entirely true, all the stuff you’ve heard is probably true, the traffic lights, the requirements to contribution, missing meetings is a ‘no-no’… so why on earth would you dare come to a meeting?

I have to admit it, it works… I had my reservations, until I attended Steel (Middlesbrough chapter), I meet Tad Web Solutions LTD and immediately we’re working on a large project with a client, that one overs all the membership fees, so straight out of the gate I’m making money from it… I have already passed 3 or 4 opportunities to other parties in the chapter and I’m genuinely excited to see what is coming next! You have to ask yourself is it right for everyone, no… You need a lot of time, a lot of commitment and you have to treat it as role in your company. The moto/saying ‘Givers Gain’ is entirely relevant and you will reap the rewards!

I don’t want to focus on BNI, as this isn’t the reason for writing this, but more to introduce you all to Networking! Let’s talk about Choice Networking, Steve runs a more relaxed networking group! There is no membership fees and no requirement to attend frequently, if you can’t make it, then there is no punishment… its £15 a session, served with breakfast and unlimited coffee (always good for morning meetings), so far I’ve attended 3 of these and I’ve actually broken even. The main difference is the contacts I’ve made, you’ll pick up a lot more people at these events as the BNI model can be scary for a lot of companies. They are already starting to refer to me as well! They won’t stop you coming if you’re in BNI as well, so feel free to mix the two. I like Steve and the meetings, so I’m always happy to recommend these, the meeting currently take place every two weeks in the same place but you’ll find them in Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Gateshead, Middlesbrough, so plenty to choose from!

The final networking group I want to talk about is the Mussel Club (it’s nothing to do with Fish), this is entirely free and on most Fridays across the region. You book in and turn up, there’s no structure, and you just talk to people… I’ve meet some great contacts and at these events and have built solid relationships and business deals. Here you get to meet everyone, charities, SME, Enterprise level businesses (I’ve spoken to Barclaycard at these events) and it’s free.

The key advice I can give anyone, keep going, keep talking, try not to let the repetition wear you down (and it will). The more people see you, the less you need to talk, the more people will talk for you, and you’ll start to find referrals coming in with less effort. Remember that talking to people and building trust is almost as important as the product, people tend to buy from People not companies!

If you want to know more about these networking events, get in touch with me here, or show up!

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I’m on a blacklist!!! How can i get off it!

Its not the end of the world, but you have some work to do. Here’s a list of all the common ones and what to do!

  1. Phishtank – Please visit the following page: and follow the instructions for reporting an incorrect phishing page.
  2. Clean-MX – Please send an email to with detailes of what you have done to take care of any malware/spam issues.
  3. Malware URL – Please follow the instructions here:
  4. SURBL – Please follow the instructions here:
  5. DNS Blacklist – Please read the following page: – you will need to put in your IP address at the top of the page to see why DNSBL is blacklisting your IP. You can find your website’s ip address by following the instructions here:’s-IP-Address . Once you put in your IP at DNSBL – you will be able to see the specific blacklist that is marking your domain/IP as unsafe – you will then need to visit the page of the blacklist by searching for it in a search engine like Google and request a removal from the specific blacklist.
  6. Symantec – Please follow the instructions here : to get started with creating an account at Norton and request a removal from the blacklist.
  7. SpamCop – To get off SpamCop’s blacklist – please ensure that your site is clean and then contact our friends who do a good job of keeping spam off the Internet via
  8. Jwspamspy – Please send an email to asking to be let off the Joe Wein blacklist.
  9. Bing/Yahoo – To request a removal from Bing’s blacklist (which is often fraught with false positives) please use the information below:
    To request a removal from Bing and Yahoo’s lists you can go here:
    Select “My Site Has a Malware Warning” and then select the appropriate option and continue.
  10. McAfee – To request a review for removal of your website off McAfee’s Blacklist, please visit , fill in the appropriate values and click the “Send Your Feedback” button.
    It will usually take 5-7 working days to get your site off this blacklist.
  11. Google – To request a review of your site at Google, here are the instructions:
    – Log into Google Webmaster Tools (
    – Click on your site name (e.g.
    – Click on Health in the left hand navigation
    – Click on Malware
    If your site is not already registered with Google, you will first have to register it by following the instructions below –
    You will then be giving the choice to verify your website. You can verify your website using the standard Google method or ALTERNATIVE methods. The standard method requires inserting some code into your website that Google provides. However, if you have no knowledge of how to insert code, Google provides an Alternative tab and if you click there you will find a few simple methods to verify your website that require NO knowledge of the inner workings of your website. Select which verification method you want to use and then click the “Verify” button. After you are verified which takes a few seconds, you can proceed.
    – Click on Request a Review

Good Luck

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