No need to Fear Brexit… We’ll still be here!

Brexit, the one thing keeping businesses awake in the UK and abroad, but how does it all affect us and which industries need worry the most? It’s a difficult one to call, but there are some clear looser and winners, and a lot of businesses not affected, at least yet.

Is this a time to re-ignite national pride? We think it is, time to look for everything made in Britain.

We were once proud builders, makers and thinkers, exporting goods across the world, and now its time to help each other.

At Solidblueliquid, we work with UK Suppliers, UK Datacentres, Hire UK staff and work within the community to support UK businesses. We promise to always work with UK companies when we can and will always prove where everything came from!

In our industry we are surrounded with European countries and internation businesses taking from our local businesses, so rest assured that we are entirely UK owned and run.

Come talk to us if you want to support British over European.

Improve your Web Design with WordPress plugins

Improve your Web Design with WordPress plugins

Congratulations! You have a great web design that is up and running. The images look great, you wrote great content, now the customers need to find you. After a month there is absolutely no business growth online. So what is going on? Fact is that digital tools are advancing at a blinding rate. You need to keep up, or you will fall behind. WordPress has a lot of plug-ins to make your website more efficient and keep you in the loop.

Downloading WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a huge library of plugins to help you to improve business with your website. If you have a WordPress web design, your website hosting is probably done on a WordPress compatible server. These web hosting companies usually offer their support when you have a WordPress site, so you won’t get stuck. Before signing up with the hosting company, make sure they can give you speed, security, and reliability, the three most important necessities for your website hosting.

Essential Tools to Monitor Business Growth Online

You decided to get a website because you wanted to improve business with your website. If you aren’t succeeding, there must be an explanation.

• Google Analytics by Yoast:

Track your website’s performance to see how well you are doing. You set up a certain goal, and you try to boost sales or visibility to get to that goal. Google Analytics is an invaluable analytics service to help you monitor your website traffic, and track the efficiency of your promotions and ads. The Google Analytics by Yoast plugin connects the platform with your WordPress website, making it easy to stay informed.

• Rank in Google with Yoast SEO

In order to have business growth online, you need to be noticed. WordPress is already very SEO-friendly, but getting this handy plugin is really effective. You can make little tweaks on your website to increase your ranking. It has a grading system that automatically grades any new posts or pages. If you are missing out on potential optimisation, it will warn you.

Tools to Keep you Secure Online

It could be devastating to a business to be shut down because of a website failure or security issue. Luckily you can have your business covered by using one of these WordPress plugins.

• UpDraftPlus

Better safe than sorry. An automated backup can give you immeasurable peace of mind. This plugin runs stealthily in the background without you even noticing. With UpDraftPlus you will be ready when the meltdown comes, and yes, it is unfortunately bound to come sooner or later. It is absolutely free, so you shouldn’t be without it.

• WordFence

Although WordPress is a secure platform, some factors may compromise your website’s security without your knowledge. By downloading the WordFence plugin, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your website is continuously being monitored for any flaws that could jeopardise its security.

SEO Tips for Starters

Okay, so you’ve hosted your website throughout our reliable web hosting programs, and now you need to start getting value from your website. There are quite a few things that you would need to account for – that’s for sure, but ranking for popular niche keywords and becoming more visible is definitely amongst the most important ones. So, how do you get from the bottom of the charts to the top without spending thousands of dollars on SEO services and other marketing channels? Well, you can save a significant amount of the expenses and improve business with your website if you handle some of the things on your own. Let’s take a look.

Produce Quality Content

You don’t need to be an expert writer to produce quality content. In fact, you, as the business owner himself are capable of delivering the content that your clients want to read. You alone are aware of your business and its specifications more than any other professional writer, and you can produce quality which is unmatched. People want genuine content that comes from people who are actually engaged in what they write. With this in mind, the love that you have for what you do is going to reflect on the content itself, hence making it far more appealing and of greater quality.

Do not Neglect the Technical Side

Even though this is something that you are better off outsourcing because it takes more time and effort, link building is absolutely critical. However, what you need to understand, especially if you want to achieve consistent and scalable business growth online, is that you need to rely on white-hat long-term solutions. There are companies which will offer you an immense amount of links for a short time span – that’s something that you shouldn’t consider. Instead, rely on a gradual and scalable service which uses only Google-approved link building strategies.

Quality over Quantity

This should be your guide throughout every single online campaign if you want to improve business with your website. Having a website isn’t something that’s just going to instantly double-up your revenues. It requires time and effort as well as certain investments in order to be effective. However, once you start on the right path with quality approaches instead of sheer, valueless quantity, you will quickly see the results. In terms of SEO, it’s always better to get 1 high-authority link from a reputable website than 100 other spam back links from unknown PBNs.