How to Enjoy Exponential Business Growth Online

With a physical retail store, business owners can easily see customers who come in, and the ones who walk past the shop. This should be the same case with your online business. There are so many benefits that you can draw from a good web design. Even before you can consider web hosting, it is critical to ensure that your website has a clear design. This will help improve business with your website. When you have a website, you use a number of options to engage customers and grow your business to greater heights.

If you are committed to business growth online, there a number of things that you should consider doing, as far as your online presence is goes:

Intuitive Web Design

Technology has taken over all sectors in the business work. Before seeking for web hosting services, you should ensure that you have a responsive design. Most online buyers will start their online shopping through mobile devices. With that in mind, always ensure that your web design is mobile-friendly. Without a mobile friendly design you will lose over 50% of the customers. With the current trends, having a responsive design, will be the basic standard if you want to improve business with your website.

Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Understanding the behaviour of your consumers is critical for business growth online. There are a number of applications that will allow you to track the behaviour metrics of your website users. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to use for this purpose. You will get a detailed report on the user behaviour from your website, and this can be used to your advantage.


Most business owners make the wrong assumption that web hosting is as good advertising. This is not correct, and you would need to find different means of advertising your business to the rest of the world. Advertising would make sense if you are using analytics so that you can have targeted campaigns for your business.

Have a Clear Message

Your web design should entail a clear message so that anyone who lands on your site for the first time can easily tell what business you are in. One critical step to improve your business with your website is by evaluating the message that you are conveying. Remember that your website is not a document and do not use very long texts and small print when trying to pass a message.

There are so many channels that can be used to relay a message to the target audience. When you use Google analytics, you can easily tell what works with most consumers. All these tips should help with business growth online and give you a good ROI.

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5 Reasons why Businesses need a website!

  • It’s quick and Easy. Launching a website used to be a long, drawn-out process, but that’s not the case now, after you’ve come up with your idea and picked your domain name (the website address, ie, you can instantly check whether it is available using online tools (like this one), then very quickly register it. For addresses ending in .uk, this process normally takes just a few days. After this, you can employ a web designer – or use a number of free tools available online – to create a site. All in all, a basic five-page website can be registered, built and online within a month.

It’s cheap. Domain names do not cost a lot to register. A address, for example, will set you back around £3.50 a year. Basic hosting services for small websites are regularly offered at less than £10 per month. If you plan to launch an e-commerce website, shopping cart software with a lifetime licence is now available for just a few hundred pounds, or you could use a commission-based payment provider such as PayPal, which is simple to add onto an existing website. Your most substantial expense is likely to be web design, but even these costs have significantly reduced over the years – and free do-it-yourself alternatives have become increasingly credible, with many businesses now using tools such as WordPress to build a site themselves. All in all, you could spend less than £1,000 to launch a credible, well designed website – a very reasonable expense in light of the potential benefits.

  • It’s always open. With a website you can literally make sales and generate new business in your sleep, dealing with the logistics in the morning.
  • It’s easy to test. You can measure virtually anything about your website. Traffic, ad clicks and where site visitors came from can all be easily monitored using free tools such as Google Analytics, so you can easily see what elements of your site are working and which aren’t. You can then instantly measure the impact of changes to imagery, messages, and promotions, which could help you to quickly develop a smart sales strategy as the site evolves.
  • It’s global. Unlike a bricks-and-mortar store, setting up a website means you have instant global reach, giving you access to an untold wealth of consumers. No longer being bound by location means you can sell to consumers across the world instantly, as the considerable barriers to launching physically in other countries no longer apply. Smart search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies will see your page achieve greater prominence in search listings – if you are an e-commerce business, this is particularly valuable, although national reach is very important for the vast majority of small businesses.
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