Web Agencies: How to Get More Value From Your Web Host

Web Agencies: How to Get More Value From Your Web Host

Managing a web agency involves keeping a lot of separate trains running on time without any of them colliding. Revenue, clients, staff, freelancers, sales, marketing, and everything within its own project timescale. Nothing about running a web design or development agency is easy.

Web hosting is often an afterthought. Even when an agency has been receiving mediocre service, agencies usually stick to who they know and put up with it. We know this is far from ideal, especially when agencies are only passing on the cost and not making a profit from the web host relationship.

Collaborative relationships are more useful for everyone. Your agency should profit from the relationship. Customers – those whose sites you’ve created – should get a better service. Ideally, your web host should play an active role in ensuring customer websites are secure and operating at peak performance.

So for anyone getting tired of their current web host, or wanting to give customers more, here are a few ways you can improve your web host relationship.

Get More From Your Web Host

#1: Get feedback: Are you, your team and customers happy with the current arrangement?

Take everything into consideration. Cost, client website performance (uptime, speed, security), previous customer service/support interactions and whether you honestly feel as if you are getting good value for money.

#2: Does your web host empower your agency and customers?

Web hosts and IT partners should empower customers. When a client has a website, we can either assume they have a certain level of technical knowledge and proficiency, or they’re something of a technophobe, but want to learn. Either way, knowledge sharing should be an important part of any web host relationship.

Customer-focused web hosts will always help clients solve problems. However, there is another level of service, beyond resolving support tickets, whereby a web host will share knowledge with customers, through blogs, FAQs, phone calls, messages, emails and social media, so that they can troubleshoot and solve problems themselves.

The next generation of web host providers should be keen to support this movement towards self-serve and knowledge sharing.

#3: Can you profit from the relationship?

It depends if you are adding a markup to web host services when no one – you or your customers – are getting value from the relationship, then probably not. No one wants to pay more when they are getting mediocre service. Especially when website loading speeds, security and support ticket responsiveness are so important, you could risk your customers feeling ripped off and ready to go elsewhere.

With the right web host, you can put every website – your agency and client websites – through Reseller Hosting servers. Pick the right plan for your client needs. Get the support you need, when you need it and don’t pay more for services you don’t need. It should be that simple. Best of all, web agencies can bundle extra useful monthly services into a support package – thereby making a profit and providing clients with everything they need for one monthly fee.

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